Founders Friday NYC

Founders Friday is a community striving to make NYC tech more inclusive, through tactical & candid fireside chats with founders we think are awesome. Always free. Get on the secret invite list.

As of 5/8, we're taking a bit of a hiatus. Stay safe out there.

With loving appreciation to Kettlespace for coffee, space, and sponsorship. Get a free week of coworking here.

Recent Virtual Founders Fridays:
3/13: Sam Bobley from Ocrolus
3/20: Sean Mitchell from Rezi // recording
3/27: Adrian Solgaard of Solgaard // recording
4/3: Adi Eckhouse of Deeda:DO & Realface // recording
4/10: Jen Abel from Jjellyfish [recording coming soon]
4/17: Ali Kriegsman from Bulletin [recording coming soon]
4/24: Genevieve Ryan from Realworld [recording coming soon]
5/1: Matias Recchia from IguanaFix [recording coming soon]

Get Invited

We're a small community, but there's always room for a few more good people. Just leave your email below. That said, our events are really meant for early-stage founders, soon-to-be founders, and startup employees (not so much service providers, startup consultants, etc).

The Team

We're the team behind Founder's Friday:

Aaron Cohn [Partner, Quiet Ventures]
Kelcey Gosserand [Founder, Trellis]
Mat Kaliski [VC, Rubicon Venture Capital]
Mike MacCombie [Director of Platform, ffVC]
Ash Ryan [Developer Evangelist, Adobe]
Stephen Anderson [Startup Sales Consultant]

Here's our list of past speakers. Impressive, we know.

Since we gather at 8:30am on Friday mornings, we get to hear from amazing people.

Past speakers include:

-Dennis Crowley (Founder, Foursquare)
-Shan-Lyn Ma (Founder, Zola)
-Ben Hindman (Founder, Splashthat)
-Gerard Adams (Founder, Elite Daily)
-Liz Wessel (Founder, WayUp)
-Coss Marte (Founder, Conbody)
-Rodney Gibson (Founder, Lisnr)
-Megan O'Connor (Founder, Clark)
-Dennis Mortensen (Founder,
-Marissa Evans Alder (Founder, Sawyer)
-Erica Mozes (Founder, HYR)
-Rachel Renrock (Founder, Wethos)
-Morgan Hirsch (Founder, Public Goods)
-Mariko Tokioka (Founder, EastMeetEast)
-Rachel Drori (Founder, Daily Harvest)

Have a suggestion for a great speaker? Drop us a note:

Founders Friday Speaker's Reunion

Save the date:
Wednesday, 6/27 @ Friends of eBay
625 Avenue of the Americas - 3rd Floor

If you're a past (or future) Founders Friday speaker, look out for your formal invite.

Invitees include:
-Ben Hindman (Founder, Splashthat)
-Gerard Adams (Founder, Elite Daily)
-Liz Wessel (Founder, WayUp)
-Coss Marte (Founder, Conbody)
-Rodney Gibson (Founder, Lisnr)
-Megan O'Connor (Founder, Clark)
-Dennis Mortensen (Founder,
-Marissa Evans Alder (Founder, Sawyer)
-Erica Mozes (Founder, HYR)
-Rachel Renrock (Founder, Wethos)
-Morgan Hirsch (Founder, Public Goods)
-Mariko Tokioka (Founder, EastMeetEast)
-Rachel Drori (Founder, Daily Harvest)
+lots more

6/1: Anda Gansca, CEO of Knotch.
6/8: Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO of Zola.
6/15: Jonathan Basker, former Head of People at Etsy, Handy, Betaworks
6/22: Dennis Crowley, Foursquare
6/29: Shane Snow, Contently
7/6: NO FF -- Happy July 4th Weekend
7/13: Jay Bregman, Verifly & Hailo
7/20: Alex Batdorf, ZipFit Denim
7/27: Dave Zohrob, Chartable, ex-Venture Hacker at Angelist
8/3: Simon Enever, Quip
8/10: Toby Hervey & Sarah Sheehan, Bravely
8/17: Jesse Horowitz, Hubble Contacts
8/24: Robin Berzin, Parsley Health
8/31: Alex Adelman, Lolli
9/7: Renaldo Webb, Pet Plate
9/14: Lisa Skeete Tatum, Landit
9/21: Ben Lillie & Kate Downey, Caveat
9/28: Janet Lieberman, Dame Products
10/5: Preston Pesek & Jaclyn Pascocello, Spacious
10/12: Jeremy Redleaf & Molly Sonsteng, [C A V E D A Y]
10/19: Maren Kate, AVRA Talent Partners (formerly Zirtual)
10/26: Saman Rahmanian, Ro // Managed by Q // Prehype
11/2: Zach Weinberg, Flatiron Health
11/9: Ben Parr, Octane AI
11/16: Derek Flanzrich, Greatist
11/23: Thanksgiving Hangover (no FF) 🦃 🍗 🍻 🛌 🎁
Upcoming Speakers:
11/30: Thanksgiving Special (all Karma gives/asks, no speaker)
12/7: Stephen Kuhl from Burrow
12/14: Melissa Mash from Dagne Dover

2/1: Melissa Kwan of Spacio
2/8: Isa Watson of Squad by Envested
2/15: Eva Goicochea of Maude
2/22: Savina Perez & Tom Griffiths of HoneHQ (Tom was also cofounder of FanDuel)
2/22: Elliot Tomaeno of ASTRSK PR
3/1: LD Mangin from Confiant
3/8: Gavin Forrest, Hiring & Culture Deep Dive
3/15: Alexandra Zatarain of Eight Sleep
3/22: Jay Roberts of Domio
3/29: Evan Walden of
4/5: Matt McCambridge of Eden Health
4/12: Joey Cofone of Baron Fig
4/19: Emily Sauer of Ohnut
4/26: Cat Noone of Iris
5/3: Joel Wishkovsky of Simple Contacts
May 24th: Mary Pilon, Author of The Monopolists and The Kevin Show
May 31st: Rohan Pavuluri of Upsolve
June 7th: Sufia Hossain of Silly Chilly Hot Sauce
June 14th: Melanie Elturk from Haute Hijab
June 21st: Andrew Konya from Remesh
June 28th: Jon Staff from Getaway
July 5th: Jack Smith of Vungle + Shyp
July 12th: Claire Coder from Aunt Flow
July 19th: Eliana Goldstein, Trellis Health
July 26th: Gina Gutierrez from Dipsea
August 2nd: Ann Ferracane from Lyft
August 9th: Stephen Sokoler from Journey Meditation
August 16th: Chat Razdan from Care+Wear
August 23rd: Emmanuel Straschnov from Bubble
August 30th: Erika Geraerts from Fluff
September 6th: Matt from Map My Customers
September 13th: Rachel from Wethos
September 20th: Joseph from Universe
September 27th: Leandra Tejador from Vidcode
October 4th: Jean-Pierre Adechi from
October 11th: Andrew Ow from Haiku Games
October 18th: Aaron Rasmussen from Masterclass &
October 25th: Payam Safa from Bellhop
November 1st: Cesar from One Second Everyday
November 8th: Benedicte from Viking Waffles
November 15th: Alamin from NexHealth
November 22nd: Thanksgiving All-Karma Special
November 29th: NONE
December 6th: Startup PR Deep Dive with Kara from Various & Co
December 13th: Christina Sass from Andela

1/17: Ed Chiu from Catalyst Software
1/24: Andrew Hoag from TeamPay
1/31: Alilson Kopf from Artemis
2/7: Chris Stang from the Infatuation
2/14: Sherveen Mashayekhi from Free Agency
2/21: Jonathan Wasserstrum from SquareFoot
2/28: Kellie Wagner from Collective
3/6: Yuri Tomikawa of Zencare