Founders Friday NYC

Founders Friday is a community striving to make NYC tech more inclusive, through tactical & candid fireside chats with founders we think are awesome. Always free. Get on the secret invite list.

Recently we've been doing events on Upstream. You need to be an active founder to hop in, so you'll have to include some proof, but you can join here -->

With loving appreciation to Kettlespace for coffee, space, and sponsorship. Get a free week of coworking here.

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We're a small community, but there's always room for a few more good people. Just leave your email below. That said, our events are really meant for early-stage founders, soon-to-be founders, and startup employees (not so much service providers, startup consultants, etc).

The Team

We're the team behind Founder's Friday:

Aaron Cohn [Partner, Quiet Ventures]
Kelcey Gosserand [Founder, Trellis]
Mat Kaliski [VC, Rubicon Venture Capital]
Mike MacCombie [Director of Platform, ffVC]
Ash Ryan [Developer Evangelist, Adobe]
Stephen Anderson [Startup Sales Consultant]

Here's our list of past speakers. Impressive, we know.

Since we gather at 8:30am on Friday mornings, we get to hear from amazing people.

Past speakers include:

-Dennis Crowley (Founder, Foursquare)
-Shan-Lyn Ma (Founder, Zola)
-Ben Hindman (Founder, Splashthat)
-Gerard Adams (Founder, Elite Daily)
-Liz Wessel (Founder, WayUp)
-Coss Marte (Founder, Conbody)
-Rodney Gibson (Founder, Lisnr)
-Megan O'Connor (Founder, Clark)
-Dennis Mortensen (Founder,
-Marissa Evans Alder (Founder, Sawyer)
-Erica Mozes (Founder, HYR)
-Rachel Renrock (Founder, Wethos)
-Morgan Hirsch (Founder, Public Goods)
-Mariko Tokioka (Founder, EastMeetEast)
-Rachel Drori (Founder, Daily Harvest)

Have a suggestion for a great speaker? Drop us a note:

Founders Friday Speaker's Reunion

Save the date:
Wednesday, 6/27 @ Friends of eBay
625 Avenue of the Americas - 3rd Floor

If you're a past (or future) Founders Friday speaker, look out for your formal invite.

Invitees include:
-Ben Hindman (Founder, Splashthat)
-Gerard Adams (Founder, Elite Daily)
-Liz Wessel (Founder, WayUp)
-Coss Marte (Founder, Conbody)
-Rodney Gibson (Founder, Lisnr)
-Megan O'Connor (Founder, Clark)
-Dennis Mortensen (Founder,
-Marissa Evans Alder (Founder, Sawyer)
-Erica Mozes (Founder, HYR)
-Rachel Renrock (Founder, Wethos)
-Morgan Hirsch (Founder, Public Goods)
-Mariko Tokioka (Founder, EastMeetEast)
-Rachel Drori (Founder, Daily Harvest)
+lots more

6/1: Anda Gansca, CEO of Knotch.
6/8: Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO of Zola.
6/15: Jonathan Basker, former Head of People at Etsy, Handy, Betaworks
6/22: Dennis Crowley, Foursquare
6/29: Shane Snow, Contently
7/6: NO FF -- Happy July 4th Weekend
7/13: Jay Bregman, Verifly & Hailo
7/20: Alex Batdorf, ZipFit Denim
7/27: Dave Zohrob, Chartable, ex-Venture Hacker at Angelist
8/3: Simon Enever, Quip
8/10: Toby Hervey & Sarah Sheehan, Bravely
8/17: Jesse Horowitz, Hubble Contacts
8/24: Robin Berzin, Parsley Health
8/31: Alex Adelman, Lolli
9/7: Renaldo Webb, Pet Plate
9/14: Lisa Skeete Tatum, Landit
9/21: Ben Lillie & Kate Downey, Caveat
9/28: Janet Lieberman, Dame Products
10/5: Preston Pesek & Jaclyn Pascocello, Spacious
10/12: Jeremy Redleaf & Molly Sonsteng, [C A V E D A Y]
10/19: Maren Kate, AVRA Talent Partners (formerly Zirtual)
10/26: Saman Rahmanian, Ro // Managed by Q // Prehype
11/2: Zach Weinberg, Flatiron Health
11/9: Ben Parr, Octane AI
11/16: Derek Flanzrich, Greatist
11/23: Thanksgiving Hangover (no FF) 🦃 🍗 🍻 🛌 🎁
Upcoming Speakers:
11/30: Thanksgiving Special (all Karma gives/asks, no speaker)
12/7: Stephen Kuhl from Burrow
12/14: Melissa Mash from Dagne Dover

2/1: Melissa Kwan of Spacio
2/8: Isa Watson of Squad by Envested
2/15: Eva Goicochea of Maude
2/22: Savina Perez & Tom Griffiths of HoneHQ (Tom was also cofounder of FanDuel)
2/22: Elliot Tomaeno of ASTRSK PR
3/1: LD Mangin from Confiant
3/8: Gavin Forrest, Hiring & Culture Deep Dive
3/15: Alexandra Zatarain of Eight Sleep
3/22: Jay Roberts of Domio
3/29: Evan Walden of
4/5: Matt McCambridge of Eden Health
4/12: Joey Cofone of Baron Fig
4/19: Emily Sauer of Ohnut
4/26: Cat Noone of Iris
5/3: Joel Wishkovsky of Simple Contacts
May 24th: Mary Pilon, Author of The Monopolists and The Kevin Show
May 31st: Rohan Pavuluri of Upsolve
June 7th: Sufia Hossain of Silly Chilly Hot Sauce
June 14th: Melanie Elturk from Haute Hijab
June 21st: Andrew Konya from Remesh
June 28th: Jon Staff from Getaway
July 5th: Jack Smith of Vungle + Shyp
July 12th: Claire Coder from Aunt Flow
July 19th: Eliana Goldstein, Trellis Health
July 26th: Gina Gutierrez from Dipsea
August 2nd: Ann Ferracane from Lyft
August 9th: Stephen Sokoler from Journey Meditation
August 16th: Chat Razdan from Care+Wear
August 23rd: Emmanuel Straschnov from Bubble
August 30th: Erika Geraerts from Fluff
September 6th: Matt from Map My Customers
September 13th: Rachel from Wethos
September 20th: Joseph from Universe
September 27th: Leandra Tejador from Vidcode
October 4th: Jean-Pierre Adechi from
October 11th: Andrew Ow from Haiku Games
October 18th: Aaron Rasmussen from Masterclass &
October 25th: Payam Safa from Bellhop
November 1st: Cesar from One Second Everyday
November 8th: Benedicte from Viking Waffles
November 15th: Alamin from NexHealth
November 22nd: Thanksgiving All-Karma Special
November 29th: NONE
December 6th: Startup PR Deep Dive with Kara from Various & Co
December 13th: Christina Sass from Andela

1/17: Ed Chiu from Catalyst Software
1/24: Andrew Hoag from TeamPay
1/31: Alilson Kopf from Artemis
2/7: Chris Stang from the Infatuation
2/14: Sherveen Mashayekhi from Free Agency
2/21: Jonathan Wasserstrum from SquareFoot
2/28: Kellie Wagner from Collective
3/6: Yuri Tomikawa of Zencare
3/13: Sam Bobley from Ocrolus
3/20: Sean Mitchell from Rezi // recording
3/27: Adrian Solgaard of Solgaard // recording
4/3: Adi Eckhouse of Deeda:DO & Realface // recording
4/10: Jen Abel from Jjellyfish
4/17: Ali Kriegsman from Bulletin
4/24: Genevieve Ryan from Realworld
5/1: Matias Recchia from IguanaFix